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Unified Communications

Our services focus on unifying our approaches toward communication such as voice, presence, chat, connectivity, software, and other techniques into an integrated service that supports rapid enhancements to communication systems and result in business profits. Our software and services enable you to access your account and seamlessly incorporate our high-value cloud communication services.

Cloud Communications: With our cloud communications you can establish VoIP and premium cloud PBX by customizing the way you do the calls and receive them along with unlimited configurations feasibility.
Operator Console: You may own a small-scale industry or a holding a mid-range business, to have a full control, monitor and manage the organization, with the following features like extension of use view presence, click-to-dial, call control management, view and control call center, conference bridges etc., with a single application.
Scalability: Today's business trends show that companies are taking scalability more into consideration when they approach business processes. Our Unified Communication services can eliminate unnecessary cutting down on costs charged on a per-customer basis.
Disaster Recovery: Your business can rest easy in a local service emergency with the use of hosted UC, where your data can be backed-up, managed, and ready for rapid recovery.